Das war die English Week 2021

Kommentare von SchülerInnen zur English week 2021

  • The English week was great and certainly not the wrong decision. We had a lot of fun together and I made new friends. Our teacher Alex gave us a good feeling and motivated us to speak only English. One of the most important things is not to be shy.
  • We spoke English the whole week and I got more confident. It was really funny and an awesome experience.
  • What I liked most about the English week was the teacher because he was very cool and told a lot of jokes.
  • I liked my teacher Hannah very much. She was very nice and always in a good mood. The most interesting game we played was “Escape Room“. There we had to find a secret code.
  • The English week this year was extremely cool. We learned a lot of We didn’t only learn to speak English, we also made friends with students from other classes. It was a funny week and I would recommend it a hundred percent.
  • The English week helped me to pronounce English words better. We had funny conversations and we also did some interesting sports in the gym. We even designed our own T-shirts and we could take them home.
  • The English week was amazing. We made lots of new friends and got to know each other much better. We also had to speak English all the time. This was such a cool thing. I would definitely recommend joining this week because your English gets way better.
  • The Banana Dance was a very funny activity.

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